Our Business:  Global ETF Based & Customized Portfolio Management through Separately Managed Accounts.      

     Positive Delta Asset Management ("PDAM") is a Registered Investment Advisory ("RIA") firm founded in 2005 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California.  We provide global alternative investment strategies and customized portfolio management through Separately Managed Accounts ("SMAs") for individual and institutional clients.  We adhere to the Code of Ethics of the CFA Institute, and are a member of the California Hedge Fund Association.      

We offer two types of strategies:

1.  PDAM Global Alpha is a liquid, multi-asset, global ETF based portfolio strategy.

2.  PDAM Customized is a portfolio strategy customized to the individual client's investment objectives. 


Our PDAM Global Alpha strategy offers the following benefits:

1.  Performance:  Portfolio growth with low volatility since our 2005 strategy inception;

2.  Full Liquidity (No Lock-Up Period):  Clients are not subject to any lock up period, and may remove their funds at any time;

3.  Full Transparency:  All client accounts and investment positions are fully transparent and accessible 24/7 through Charles Schwab & Co.;

4.  Risk Hedging:  Provides effective, low volatility portfolio construction to hedge against long stock and bond market risk;

5.  Multi-Asset Diversification:  Provides - in one unique portfolio - exposure to multiple asset classes with ETF diversification;

6.  Global Exposure:  Explores the inefficiencies between fiscal and monetary policy globally, and capitalizes on broad investment themes;      

7.  9+ Year Track Record:  Our multi-asset, ETF based investment strategy is managed by our Chief Investment Officer, a Chartered Finanical Analyst (CFA);

8.  Premier Custodians:  Our primary custodian is Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.  We also maintain institutional agreements with other premier custodians;

9.  Low Fees & Performance Option:  Unlike mutual funds, we have zero load fees and no 12b-1 fees.  Qualified Clients may elect a performance fee option only - an industry first to the best of our knowledge; 

10. Separately Managed Accounts:  Accounts are held in each clients' own names, for increased control, flexibility and tax efficiency.


Note:  We have a fiduciary obligation to each client, and do not charge trading commissions.  Our firm's interests are aligned with those of our clients, as our own capital is invested in our investment strategies.



Please Read About Us in an August 1, 2011 Article on Forbes.com (http://www.forbes.com)


Downtown Los Angeles (Main Office):

Positive Delta Asset Management  

The Biltmore Court Building  

520 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 1070

Los Angeles, California 90071


213.388.3638 (o)   

866.357.4701 (f)